Shift in Consumer Buying Habits in the Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 outbreak did not solely impact global dairy production, moreover, it changed consumer shopping habits. From March 2020 on, the way people shop, and what they purchase, noticeably changed. Research provided on the topic by consulting company Accenture points out some of the most common changes in the field. Firstly what remains popular is the rise of interest in “home cooking and baking, as well as home improvement and DIY activities”. As the lockdown took hold in many countries worldwide consumers became more aware of prices and the source of purchased products. An increase in local shopping was also noticed. What is most significant is the growth of the e-commerce sector and, as the mentioned research shows, the sector will see a 169% increase in purchasing from new or low-frequency users post-outbreak. Trends affecting the dairy industry are health-centered as consumers tend to choose less processed and locally produced products as well as ones dedicated to home-cooking.

Such a shift in consumer shopping habits was noticed by the Russian National Dairy Producers Union (Soyuzmoloko). Anna Gawrisina, Head of the Edadil Business Development Group, pointed out that big retail stores are no longer the first choice for many Russian families and online shopping has seen a recent increase in interest. Grigorij Kunis, iGooods Delivery Service Manager called attention to the fact that recently the most purchased dairy items are milk, cream, and cottage cheese. The rise of the sale of these mentioned products fits into the pattern of rising consumer interest in unprocessed home cooking goods. The rise of traditional dairy categories sales may be linked to the fact that they are perceived as healthy and immunity fortifying.

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