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141st edition of Foodcom DAIRY Newsletter

It appears that many consumers have now digesting high prices, which is reflecting in the consumption of dairy products. This introduced a bit of uncertainty into the market for buyers, who are not always ready to immediately buy large volumes. [...]

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Market analysis 10.08.2022
13th edition of Foodcom ADDITIVES Newsletter

The additives market is patiently waiting for its revival after the holidays. In the meantime, there is the expected mood in the market of transactions, although being somewhat slow, they stay stable. [...]

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Market analysis News 09.08.2022
140th edition of Foodcom DAIRY Newsletter

Temperature records continue to be broken in the United States: over half the country is in drought, and most of Texas is classified as extreme or exceptional drought. [...]

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Market analysis 09.08.2022
15th edition of Foodcom PLANT-BASED Newsletter

The noticeable shortage of sugars on the market continues. As we reported in our previous issue, some supermarket chains in Poland have begun rationing sugar sales after a rush of consumers fearing shortages and price increases thus emptying shelves in retail stores. Although specialists are certain it was only fear of further shortages that envoked later stages of the disruption, the issue also affected other parts of the supply chain. [...]

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Market analysis 09.08.2022
139th edition of Foodcom DAIRY Newsletter

Another week of summer vacation brings low activity to dairy markets around the world. Uncertainty revolves regarding the debate over gas supplies from Russia, which are used to heat and dry dairy products into powdered commodities. [...]

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Market analysis 27.07.2022
Summary of H1 2022 Plant-Based Market

Read our newly published summary of the plant-based market to find out what happened in the last months. With us, you'll never miss a thing! [...]

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14th edition of Foodcom PLANT-BASED Newsletter

Wildfires in Southern Europe, that are raging in Portugal, Spain, France, and Croatia, are burning houses and threatening livelihoods. Most of the continent is hit by a heatwave that pushes temperatures into the mid-40 degree mark in numerous locations. For some this is the second heatwave in a few months. Regional authorities in the Salamanca province, in Spain, said more than 4,000 hectares of land were burned. [...]

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Market analysis 22.07.2022
138th edition of Foodcom DAIRY Newsletter

A recent survey, from Arla Foods, showed that milk production decreased by 3% among 541 farm owners due to a shortage of labor. This is currently one of the biggest problems facing many farmers. Many declare that they will leave the profession if the labor shortage continues. [...]

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Market analysis 20.07.2022


Your Business with our Experience

Tomasz Kosiński

Tomasz Kosiński

Commercial Director, Partner

Committed, Critical, Offensive

After a few years of working in Foodcom I became a Partner in 2019. I co-head the dairy department. In trading, every day looks different and brings new challenges. It’s never boring. My job is not only pure trading, but the big part is advising clients.

On a personal note I can say that I am an audiophile and HiFi Equipment collector.

Paulina Szajuk

Paulina Szajuk

CFO, Partner

Hardworking, responsible, task-oriented

I was employed at Foodcom SA in 2015 as Deputy CFO. In 2020 I joined the group of shareholders and since 2022 I have been the Financial Director. I like contact with people and I have the ability to think analytically. In addition, I always fulfill the entrusted task, I do not postpone matters for later.

Privately, I am a mother of two daughters – 5-year-old Zuzia and 1-year-old Hania.

Aleksander Paciorkiewicz

Aleksander Paciorkiewicz

CEO, Partner

Creative, visionary, precise.

Adam Nikodemski

Adam Nikodemski


Solid, cheerful, willing to keep long-term relationships, fan of Italian food.

I have been working in Foodcom since 2017, and in 2019 I became a Partner. My main area of expertise is the Italian market. In my job I like the excitement and business trips to sunny Italy. I want my Business Partners to know that I always keep my word. When I’m stressed, I turn those emotions into a vein of humour.

Łukasz Klażyński

Łukasz Klażyński

Board Member, Partner

My professional career at Foodcom SA started in 2015. Since then, I have come a long way full of interesting challenges and many opportunities to improve my skills. Currently, I deal with the development and supervision of products from the plant department, the feed industry and the food additives industry.

I leave the daily challenges related to professional duties in the office for a moment relaxation from everyday life found in sports such as boxing, gym, and dog walks.

Wojciech Paciorkiewicz

Wojciech Paciorkiewicz

Vice President, Partner

Experienced, but open to new ventures and projects.

I co-founded Foodcom S.A. since its inception, taking care of the financial and administrative side of the company. The dynamic development of Foodcom S.A. I treat it as a personal success. Previously, among others President of Thomson Finance in Poland, President of the Cooperation Fund Foundation. Program Manager at UNDP (UN agency).

I am still interested in technological novelties. I am also a licensed radio amateur.

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