Explained by Foodcom: How to start cooperation?

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Explained by Foodcom: How to start cooperation?
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  • Possible channels for communication with Foodcom S.A. are: contact form, e-mail, LiveChat, landline and cell phone, WhatsApp and social media.
  • Foodcom S.A. offers three types of transactions: Buy Now, Book and Product Inquiry.
  • We also give you the opportunity to make a sales offer via email contact.

At Foodcom S.A. we strive to build positive relationships with our Business Partners from the first stage of the transaction process in order to achieve mutual benefits. How can you efficiently establish cooperation with us? We explain it in the following article!

Contact Foodcom S.A.

Foodcom S.A. offers a variety of communication channels through which you can easily contact representatives of the company. These include:

  • Contact form on our website, e-mail (foodcom@foodcom.pl)
  • LiveChat, landline (+48 22 652 36 59) and cell phone (+48 577 127 004),
  • WhatsApp (+48 577 127 004),
  • social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Types of transactions

We have prepared three different ways that allow you to purchase a product in a manner tailored to your preferences. In addition to submitting a product inquiry to us through one of the communication channels, it is also possible to purchase and reserve a product directly through our website.

Buy now

Once you have accessed a product’s page and accepted the current price, you can make an express purchase. To do this, you just need to click on the “Buy Now” button and fill out the contact form. Once the payment is processed, the rest of the details of the order will be determined.


After you accept the current price of the product, we also offer you the possibility to book the product for a period of 3 days. To do this, select the “Book” button on the product page and fill out the form. The customer will then receive a proforma invoice and will have to pay 10% of the order value. After the payment is made, our representative will contact the customer to arrange the details. After 3 days from the date of booking, payment of the balance is required.

Product Inquiry

To make a product inquiry, contact us through one of our communication channels. Once the preliminary details of the order are determined, the inquiry will be forwarded to the sales department and the payment terms will be determined during the business negotiations.

How does the lead management work?

  1. Making an inquiry – to make an inquiry, customers can contact Foodcom S.A. via email, LiveChat, WhatsApp, phone call or contact form.
  2. Specifying the details – during the first contact with the customer, our representative will specify the details of the order, such as the quantity of the product, the method of delivery, packaging and other detailed requirements for the product. Our representative also needs to confirm the customer’s business activity, so we need information such as the company name, email address, registration details, VAT or tax number ID. The order quantity is also important – quantities below the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) cannot be fulfilled. This value is indicated on the page of each product. The Sales Support Department, which handles inquiries, does not provide order prices at the beginning of the process. Prices are set only after direct contact with the trader and agreement on all details of the transaction.
  3. Call summary – when a product inquiry is made during a phone call, our representative sends a summary of the call via email.
  4. Forwarding the inquiry to the trader – the product inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate trader who specializes in trading the product in question. The trader then contacts the customer directly to make further arrangements. Company policy does not allow the Sales Support Department to provide contact information to a specific trader, only to forward inquiries to the appropriate individuals. The trader is responsible for finalizing all details of the order, including price, in detail. At this stage, the customer also has the opportunity to order product samples. However, this is possible only after the monthly or annual requirement for the product is determined.
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