Full Cream Milk Powder

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Full Cream Milk Powder is a dairy product obtained through the process of evaporation of water from the pasteurized whole cow’s milk with the help of vacuum pump. Later, the product is spray-dried and full cream milk powder is collected. The powder form of full cream milk retains all the qualities of the liquid milk but has a significantly extended shelf life. [...]

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Edam 30%

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Edam 30% is a semi-hard cheese that originates in the Netherlands. It is produced from partially skimmed pasteurized cow’s milk and its manufacture includes heating, whey separation, and curd formulation. Similar to other semi-hard cheeses, Edam also undergoes the process of salt-brining. [...]

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Mozzarella 40%

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Mozzarella is a fresh, rennet traditionally southern Italian cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. The production of mozzarella initiates with the pasteurization of milk and adding starter cultures in order to produce the casein coagulum. Later, the whey is separated and drained. The obtained curd is formed, milled, treated with hot water, and eventually brined. [...]

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Whey Butter

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Whey Butter is a by-product of cheesemaking when the cream is separated from whey and then transferred into butter. Unlike conventional fresh butter produced from milk, the butterfat from whey butter is subjected to the preliminary process of cheese making. Whey butter is considered a high-end product, as its production requires time and specific skills. [...]

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Colostrum powder is obtained from a foremilk produced by the female mammal shortly after parturition. Colostrum is the first nutrient received by neonates, as it contains all indispensable nutrition components enabling the proper growth. [...]

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Rennet Casein

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The Rennet Casein is made from skimmed milk coagulated with rennet. After coagulation, it is separated from the whey proteins, lactose, and minerals in order to purify the final product. Later, it is concentrated and dried. [...]

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Acid Casein

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The Acid Casein is made from pasteurized and skimmed milk coagulated with hydrochloric acid. After coagulation and the curd formation, it is separated and rinsed from the whey proteins in order to purify the final product. Later, it is concentrated, ground, and dried. [...]

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Milk Protein Concentrate 80%

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Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is a concentrated milk powder that most usually contains 80% milk protein. It is produced from fresh, pasteurized skim milk by filtration, evaporation, and spray drying. In different varieties of MPC, the level of lactose is dependent on the level of protein – the more protein is found in MPC the less lactose it contains. [...]

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Raw Milk

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Raw milk is a homogenous liquid with a characteristic smell and creamy white color. The product is directly collected from farm animals. It contains fats, proteins and lactose in variable amounts. [...]

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Anhydrous Milk Fat

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Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) can be made from butter or 35%-45% cream, depending on the season. The production process consists of removing almost all the water and non-fat solids with the use of centrifuges. Thanks to this, the product is easier to preserve and store as it contains less water. [...]

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Edam 40%

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Edam 40% is a semi-hard cheese that originates in the Netherlands. It is produced from partially skimmed pasteurized cow’s milk and its manufacture includes heating, whey separation, and curd formulation. [...]

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Gouda 45-48%

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Gouda 45% is a Dutch yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a ripened (semi) hard type cheese. The process of Gouda cheese manufacture involves coagulation with rennet, whey and lactose removal, cooking, brining, and molding. The ripening process takes between 4 weeks to over a year depending on the expected final product. [...]

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Cheddar cheese is considered a somewhat hard, matured natural cheese.Cheddar is manufactured from fresh cow’s milk by coagulating it with rennet in order to separate the curds and whey. Later, the cheese curd is salted and milled before being molded and left to ripen. The aging process takes between 6 to 24 months. [...]

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Acid Whey Powder

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Acid Whey Powder is a by-product of cheese or acid casein production. It is produced by drying fresh whey obtained from soft white cheese. With the use of microbial fermentation, milk pH becomes lower and lactose is changed into lactic acid. [...]

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Permeate is produced from fresh pasteurized skim milk, formed after the ultrafiltration of milk in the process of sweet cheese production to extract proteins and fats. The product is then dried using advanced spray drying techniques. The product is sometimes called “deproteinized whey” when it is obtained from whey. [...]

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Milk Permeate

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Milk Permeate is a co-product of the production of the Milk Protein Concentrate. It is obtained after the milk ultrafiltration process of protein and fat extraction. The final product is obtained with the use of spray drying technology. [...]

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Bio Butter (Organic)

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The name butter is reserved for products without vegetable fat admixtures with a specific milk fat content - at least 82%. It is made in the process of churning fresh or fermented cream or milk in a special machine, to break the membranes of fat globules and in that way separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. [...]

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Maasdam 45%

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Maasdam 45% is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is a Swiss-style Dutch rennet cheese characterized by a faster maturation process than other Dutch cheeses. Maasdam usually matures for over at least 4 weeks. [...]

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Skimmed Milk

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Skimmed Pasteurized Milk is prepared from raw milk by mechanically separating almost all fat and reducing its saturation to 0.05% or less. The product is also pasteurized to remove any pathogens and extend shelf life. [...]

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