Acid Casein

Acid Casein

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The Acid Casein is made from pasteurized and skimmed milk coagulated with hydrochloric acid. After coagulation and the curd formation, it is separated and rinsed from the whey proteins in order to purify the final product. Later, it is concentrated, ground, and dried. [...]

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Gelatin is a natural, soluble protein obtained from the partial hydrolysis of collagen from animal bones, skin and tendons. It is composed of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. [...]

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Vainillin it’s a highly aromatic organic chemical compound (vanillin glucoside) responsible for the unique and delicious vanilla scent and flavor that occurs naturally in the vanilla bean. [...]

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Glucose is a simple sugar from the group of aldehydes among the sugars. It consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen atoms. It provides the basic energy substrate for the cells of the body. It naturally occurs in fresh fruits especially in grapes, bananas or plums, in honey and in many starchy products. [...]

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