Explained by Foodcom: Certificates

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Explained by Foodcom: Certificates
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  • Certification is a formal confirmation that certain requirements are met, based on a conformity assessment.
  • The BRC Agents & Brokers Global Standard was developed to provide a framework for managing product safety, quality and legality for companies in the food and packaging industries.
  • GMP+ is a certification awarded to companies that meet the requirements and safety conditions necessary to ensure feed safety.
  • The Eco-Guarantee Certificate confirms that the products sold by the company have been produced organically.

At Foodcom S.A., we strive to build trust and create a positive experience for our business partners from the very first stage of the transaction process. Therefore, we strive to meet the highest quality standards. The value of our competence and acting in accordance with best practices is confirmed by the certificates we have obtained, namely: BRC Agents & Brokers, GMP+, Eco Guarantee.

What is certification and how does it work?

Certification is a well-defined procedure in which an independent certification body confirms that an entity (e.g. a product, a management system, a process) meets requirements (e.g. international standards, industry specifications, technical regulations) based on a conformity assessment. By means of an external audit by a third party, compliance with the defined rules is verified, after which a certification decision is made and an official attestation – a certificate – is issued. The scope and validity of the document are noted.

Foodcom certificates

BRC Agents & Brokers

One of the most important certifications we have received is the BRC Global Standard Agents & Brokers certification. It provides a framework for managing the safety, authenticity, quality and legality of products for companies in the food, packaging and consumer goods industries. The requirements apply to companies that distribute, import and export goods, broker transactions or oversee the logistics process (organize purchasing, storage or transportation).
The BRC standard has been recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the world’s leading food safety certification body. It is required by retail chains and local and international distributors. This internationally recognized certification promotes best practices in the distribution chain and ensures that food safety is guaranteed.


The international GMP+ system is a standard that describes the requirements for quality and feed safety and covers all stages of the feed chain, i.e. cultivation, production of mixed and feed materials, additives and premixes, as well as sales storage and transport. Possession of the certificate allows for sales to major feed companies, transportation and storage capacity, and means that the highest feed safety standards are maintained.
The GMP+ standard was developed in 1992 by the Dutch Product Committee Animal Feed (PDV) and forms the basis for the international GMP+ certification system for safe animal feed. GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices”, while the plus sign refers to the integration of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Explained by Foodcom SA Certificates


With an organic guarantee certificate, farmers and processors can sell their goods as organic. This means that the goods meet strict conditions in terms of production, processing, transportation and storage methods. This in turn boosts confidence in organic food and helps to market organic products throughout the EU.
The certification body that operates in the organic food sector is PCA-accredited Ekogwarancja PTRE (the oldest and largest Polish body). Through in-depth inspections, the body verifies that the products sold by the companies have been produced according to organic methods.

Benefits of certification

Certification increases customer confidence in a company and its products, management systems, products, processes or services. Certification obtained is a formal confirmation to customers, suppliers or employees that the company complies with recognized standard procedures. It is also proof that the company is managed efficiently and for the long term. Therefore, it should be carried out by an authorized and accredited certification body that has experience with the certification of management systems, products or services in a specific market sector.

Why Foodcom?

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