Lab-Grown Food Opportunities

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A new product has hit the market of meat alternatives in Asia. California-based start-up Eat Just has become the first company to receive the approval of a cell-based chicken product in Singapore.

A more humanitarian approach to growing meat relies on taking a sample of a stem cell from a live chicken in a non-invasive way. The cell is later closely examined and used to manufacture the meat in laboratory conditions. The major work belongs to the bioreactor where the harvested cell grows actual meat with fat and muscle.

The plan is to first introduce lab-grown meat to a network of producers as an ingredient of chicken nuggets and later on to develop a retail-oriented strategy. The company counts on rapid success in the Asian market to support the introduction of their product in Europe and the US, with whom they are currently conducting the negotiations. The major barrier remains the set of rigorous restrictions.

However, the situation is painted differently for seafood alternatives. The regulations are more lenient, if not lacking, creating a range of possibilities for those who dare. Shiok Meats, a company from South East Asia strives to develop shrimps made entirely in a laboratory environment. Once ready and approved, Shiok Meats imagines to launch a strategy of collaboration with larger partners to globalize their sales. Chinese company Avant Meats is using their latest bio-tech innovations to introduce a cell-based fish filet for burgers. Both companies see potential in decentralized production as means to a forthcoming success.

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