Record Soybean Exports to China

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It is predicted that China will purchase a record amount of American soybean in 2020 under the phase-one trade deal. As in the middle of August two countries prolonged their commitment to the mentioned deal in a biannual review. Even many ongoing controversies connected to the current situation in China,related to data safety issues and the future of democracy in Hong Kong; the agreement was processed.

In the time span between January to July 2020 china’s purchases of American farm goods got up only to 25% of the target value that the trade accord establishes. Yet, currently, lower prices will boost Chinese purchases later this year. This purchase is been ready to make since April, as yet China was waiting for favorable circumstances, as there are right now. Soybeans are meant to be delivered next season. It is calculated that the Asian import of soybean from the USA will reach up to 40 million tons, as some experts claim, which is the highest it ever been.

After all Chinese purchases from all nations, this year will reach over 90 million tons, with approximately half of the amount, sourcing from North America.

Soy purchase is forecasted to continue into the beginning of 2021 as it is related to supplies majorly imported from Brazil, a country that is China’s leading supplier of the corp. However, if the yields will be affected by the dry weather, planned shipment may be delayed.

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