Plant&Bean to Open Europe’s Largest Plant-Based Meat Facility

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Plant & Bean announced their plans to open Europe’s largest plant-based meat facility in the UK. The company’s major goals include: overcoming the price barrier of the product, creating a global manufacturing proposition, and adopting an innovative approach to collaboration.

The new facility will be located in Boston, Lincolnshire over 65 acres / 263,000 m2 site, with a planned initial capacity of 55,000 tonnes. It aims at providing smaller-scale operators, international companies, and retailers with “a European manufacturing platform” that is fully certified, to support them in meeting an increasing demand for plant-based meat products and stimulate international development. Plant & Bean’s expansion plans stretch out globally with the planned opening of similar production facilities in the USA next year, and in Asia in 2022. By introducing large-scale production and local resourcing, which intentionally will result in cost savings, the company aims at removing the cost barrier that currently prevents mainstream consumers from buying plant-based meat products.

The second pillar of Plant & Bean’s business model is what they called “an ecosystem of collaborative innovation.” Bringing together research institutions and food-tech companies, Plant & Bean is working on the development of “a computational breeding technology” in order to reduce the cost of peas and beans by 50%. Among their new strategic partnerships is Griffith Foods – a specialized manufacturer and ingredient supplier of premium NON-GMO soy proteins. Expanding their network, the company is ready to partner with international brands seeking to develop and innovate their plant-based product offer with new high-quality, low-cost options.

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