Dupont Launches VERSILK™ Enzyme

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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (DuPont) announced the launch of Versilk™ on the North American market. Versilk™ is the latest product in its range of enzymes offered to manufacturers who seek to achieve ideal texture and taste in their dairy and plant-based end-products such as yogurts, drinkable dairy products, and fermented goods.

As consumers seek high-protein products to enrich their diets, DuPont managed to develop a solution that enables the content of protein in yogurts of up to 14%, increasing it by 30% in comparison to the current standards. Versilk™ helps manufacturers achieve the desired amount of protein in the final product without the usual side effects such as thickness and bitterness. The enzyme is an easy-to-use processing aid, added with the cultures and aimed at meliorating flavor and the time of fermentation. It does not require changing anything else in the process or recipe. The usage is versatile across many products and can be applied to both dairy and plant-based yogurts and drinkables.

For now, the enzyme has only been rolled out to North America, but the company expects a quick global roll-out after the initial launch. Manufacturers need to adapt to the market trends and deliver healthy and indulgent products as dairy innovation development to increase the protein content is on the rise. Recently, Ingredia presented two new milk proteins – Promilk Yogfluid and Promilk B Max – offering healthy solutions for creamy and tasty dairy products. The idea behind Promilk Yogfluid was increasing the protein content in drinkable yogurts up to 12%. While Promilk B-Max functional is positioned to enhance dairy while appealing to “free-from” demands, falling in line with the market trend of “clean label” linked to health and sustainability.

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