China’s Self-Sufficiency

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China wants to produce more meat and dairy product so as not to depend on imports at the current levels. The goal is to supply itself with 70% of dairy products, 95% of the pork and for beef, the goal is 85%.

The document from the Chinese government is released at a time when Beijing has tightened control over food safety since imported products with traces of coronavirus were detected. It also sparked concerns about access to supplies. However, as Reuters noted the document did not mention a deadline for reaching this goal.

As the largest consumer of pork in the world, China was almost self-sufficient, but imports of more than 2 million tons reached almost 10% of consumption in the first half of this year after domestic slaughtered volumes collapsed due to the epidemic of swine flu. Representatives in Beijing are hopeful that the animal herd will return to normal levels in 2021. Bloomberg published that in the process of rebuilding its production after the crisis caused by the spread of African swine fever in the country, as of 2018, China foresees an increase in the average size of its livestock farms.

In the period of January-August 2020 import of butter increased by 40,4% compared to the previous year. Cream, bulk and packed milk, cheese, and also whey powder were on a rise in terms of imported quantity (20,2%, 3,5%, 10,5%, 34,8% – respectively). On the other hand, imports of condensed milk declined by 34,6% and SMP by -10,1%.

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