Spike in Dairy Sales in the UK

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Surge in dairy consumption during lockdowns

As new Kantar data shows, in the UK, during the lockdown, the spike in sales of cheese and milk was noted. The cheese rose by 48%. One of the main reasons behind it was surely growing interested in scratch cooking. But it was the butter that increased 69% YOY in weekly sales – as more and more people tried baking during the lockdown. The surge in coffee and tea consumption on the other hand contributed to jump in milk sales – during the lockdown the consumption rose by 19% and 21% respectively.

Campaign to promote dairy consumption

Milk Your Moments, the campaign worth £1 million surely helped to increase the numbers. Rebbeca Miah, AHDB head of dairy marketing said: “The Milk Your Moments campaign was hugely important, to not only support our industry in difficult circumstances but to give back to our loyal consumers in a time of national crisis. Understanding that dairy has such a crucial part to play in human connection, as well as nutrition, is a real step-change for the dairy industry, and we should continue to be proud of our importance to society, with these strong growth numbers demonstrating the fact”. The campaign also hit its target of raising £100.000. The goal was to support mental health charity – Mind.

AHDB is a statutory levy board, funded by farmers, growers, and others in the supply chain.

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