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The global dairy foods market is expected to grow to USD 964.18 billion by 2027 from USD 686.18 billion in 2019 (CAGR of 4.6%). However, the global market for organic dairy products is projected to grow by more than 50%, reaching 28 billion $ by 2023. The UK and the UE will most likely fail to reach an agreement in trade. After 110 years, the production of Lentilky will be moved from the Czech Republic to Germany. As Belarusian representative Aleksei Bogdanov claims, the export of its dairy products might reach $4 billion by the end of the decade.

The Americas

Nestle will help farmers from the U.S to implement new technologies and practices in support of the Net Zero Initiative. The government of Mexico started resolving cases concerning breaching dairy standards. In Uruguay, foreign exchange earnings in the accumulated January-September total the US $ 475.7 million, with an interannual increase of 3% mainly thanks to the WMP and cheeses.

Asia & Oceania

Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd decided to increase farmgate milk prices. The decision was made after the demand from China picked up. The lumpy skin cow disease is threatening Indian farmers. It is believed to be transmitted through blood-feeding insects. Vietnamese TH Group is investing 109.7 million USD into a high-tech dairy farm project. The company plans to create a facility with an annual capacity of 49,000 tonnes of raw milk.

Africa and the Middle East

The European Commission decided to allow €7 million for an international project whose goal is the improvement of the local food system in Africa. FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria is developing Centre for Nigerian Dutch Dairy Development (CNDDD).


For the first time, the EU located the money into the ‘Meat4All’ program which is a cultured meat project led by the Spanish BioTech Foods company. Irish Farmers’ Association claims it was one of the worst years on record for potato growers. After a large reduction in yields forecast, the French ministry cut the estimate to 13.5 from 14.1 million tonnes for grain maize crops. However, excluding production for seeds, the harvest will be 4$ above the 5-year average as a larger area was sown. Mexican producers might have a hard time keeping up with the demanded quantities after the state cuts funding. It might result in the need for the import of such an important product for domestic consumption as white corn.

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