Chinese Pig Farms – Problems and Solutions

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A recent decision made by Danish venture, Scandinavian Farms in China to change to the swine genetics, capable of delivering piglets able to handle more feed. As the CEO of Scandinavian Farms claims this decision is dictated by efficiency reasons, as European piglets were not dedicated to humidity and warmth of Asian conditions.

Set up in 2013 Scandinavian Farms are dedicated to bringing danish- quality pig farms into China. The company’s turnover reaches 1,600 DanBred sows and 14,000 sows producing 350,000 slaughter pigs per year. Scandinavian Farms so far used swine genetics is going to be replaced by Genesus – a solution that is supposed to provide the most efficient results and what’s most important – is more suited to Chinese conditions. By applying such genetics, piglets will be stronger and their survival rate will be higher. Another reason behind such a change is the efficient-wise calculation of the number of piglets capable of being slaughtered. The recent delivery of 700 pig herd from the UK’s Genesus Nucleus Farms recently had been made for the purpose of repopulation of the Chinese farms.

Chinese pigs farms satisfy 50% of global pork demand. In recent years the industry undertook a major modernization as most of the local and small farms were transformed or replaced by big facilities. Due to such a shift and as well as recent ASF outbreaks, pig farms in China been through many radical changes. Scandinavian Farms swine output decreased through the years, from 735m in 2014 to 544m in 2019. Yet since the Chinese government undertook steps to encourage production expansion, the market experienced a massive recovery.

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