Citric Acid

Citric Acid

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    Citric Acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits but can also be manufactured. Industrial citric acid is produced mainly by fermentation or by chemical reaction. The latter method is used in about 90% of global production and involves fermentation using enzymes and microbial strains, most commonly Aspergillus niger.

    Technical aspects

    Citric Acid has the ability to help stabilize emulsions and prevents fat separation. The final product is available in powdered or granulated form as anhydrous citric acid.

    Shelf life

    The shelf life of Citric Acid is about 3 years. The product should be stored in a dry, cool warehouse.


    Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Citric Acid in 25 kg bags.


    Product is widely used as an excellent preservative, added to canned and jarred goods to help preserve their freshness. It also serves as a binding agent and thickener in sauces, creams, jellies, marmalades, and jams. In confectionery and baked goods, it improves the leavening of baking soda. It is also a crucial ingredient in the production of cheese and beer.

    Citric Acid found its usage in other industries, including its application as a chelating agent and water softener in detergents and soaps and as fertilizer in the agricultural sector. Citric Acid supplementation to animal feed has shown a positive influence on the improved performance and bone mineralization in broilers as well as enhanced growth in weaning piglets.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be found in dietary supplements and as an ingredient of medications.

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