Acetylated Distarch Adipate (E1422)
Acetylated Distarch Adipate (E1422)
E number: e1422
CAS: 63798-35-6

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Acetylated Distarch Adipate (E1422)

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Acetylated Distarch Adipate, better known as E1422, belongs to the group of modified starches. Modified starches are produced by subjecting native starch to physical, chemical or enzymatic modification processes. E1422 is produced by treating starch with acetic anhydride and adipic anhydride. Through modification, E1422 starch gains thermal stability, increases its resistance to various forces during further processing, and becomes more resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. A distinction is made between the swelling of E1422 when exposed to cold, warm and hot. It is a plant-derived product usually produced from waxy corn, but can also be obtained from potatoes, tapioca or rice, to name a few. E1422 is mainly used as a texturizing agent – due to its viscosity it shows an impressive thickening ability.

E: E1422
CAS: 63798-35-6

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Technical aspects

Acetylated Distarch Adipate is in powder form and has a white, whitish or yellowish color. It has a neutral taste and odor. Because it is a modified starch, E1422 is primarily resistant to retrogradation or gelation. It is also more viscous than native starch and resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. Stability during freezing and thawing and resistance at low temperatures are also characteristic.

  • E1422 cold swelling starch has its thickening properties in cold water and is used in cold technology applications. It is completely soluble in cold water.
  • E1422 warm swelling starch has the best properties at warm temperatures and is used in warm applications.
  • E1422 hot swelling starch is used in high temperature production. It is used in hot applications.

Alternative names: acetylated starch, modified starch E1422, chemically modified starch E1422, C42H70O29.

Shelf life

E1422 should be protected from wide variations in temperature and humidity. Optimal storage conditions for the product are dry, ventilated storage areas free from moisture and animal parasites. Temperature from 5 to 28°C, maximum humidity of 70%. Use the product as soon as possible after opening to avoid reabsorption of moisture. The shelf life of E1422 in the unopened package is up to 24 months.


Foodcom S.A. supplies its Business Partners with:

  • E1422 cold swelling starch in 20 kg bags;
  • E1422 warm swelling starch in 25 kg bags;
  • E1422 hot swelling starch in 25 kg bags.


The unique properties of modified starches, including E1422, allow their use as thickening, gelling and texturizing agents. This raw material is used in various industries. Characteristic of E1422 is its excellent freeze-drying stability and resistance to low storage temperatures. The product is mainly used in the food industry due to its properties.

Cold swelling starch is used in mixes for confectionery and bakery products with low moisture content, as it enables a softer, crispier texture and also improves the plasticity of the final product and extends its shelf life. It also provides crispness. In product mixes, it ensures that the gel-like structure of the final product is maintained for longer, regulates the viscosity of the product and gives it an additional gloss. Outside the food industry, it is also a binder in fish feed and can also be used in the production of cosmetics, adhesives, biodegradable plastics or microcapsules.

Warm swelling starch is used to increase viscosity and stabilize the consistency of sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, fruit fillings or toppings made at warmer temperatures. It also provides a creamy and stable texture in products such as cheese and cheese-like products. E1422 warm swelling starch is also an ingredient in instant mixes, canned or frozen meals.

Hot swelling starch is used in the manufacture of products at high temperatures, such as meat products, to improve their appearance, reduce drying at the cross-section of the product, and reduce other moisture-binding substances. It can also be used to maintain juiciness and elastic structure after food freezing and thawing.

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