Cheese analogue 45%

Cheese analogue (or imitation cheese) is a cheese product made by partially or fully replacing milk fat with vegetable fat. In the case of whole milk fat being replaced, the product is also called “vegan cheese”. Other production standards are the same as in regular cheeses production. 


Cheese analogues are chosen for their cost-effectiveness and the simplicity of their manufacture. 


Thanks to the textural and functional properties, most importantly great melting, cheese analogues are often used in the production of pizza products.

Cheese analogues provided by Foodcom S.A. are characterized by good elasticity, homogeneous melting, stretching properties, and easy grating and cutting. 


Foodcom S.A. provides many solutions to accomplish requirements:

  • By adding rennet casein stretching, shredding properties are improved while maintaining good firmness. 
  • Whey permeate/sweet whey powder - to enable cost reduction and obtaining nice coloring and pleasant taste. 
  • Skimmed milk powder - achieving delicate milky taste and keeping the good texture.


Cheese analogue is available blocks. The most popular formats are 3 or 15kg. Foodcom S.A. can also deliver cheese analogue in 1 kg blocks or shredded and packed in 1 or 2 kg bags. 


Depending on the producer and type of the product, Cheese analogue has a shelf life about of 3,6, or 12 months. 

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