Trisodium Citrate
Trisodium Citrate
E number: E331
CAS: 68-04-02

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Trisodium Citrate

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Trisodium Citrate is a flavoring food additive identified as E331. In many cases, trisodium citrate is called sodium citrate, even though it can refer to any of the three sodium salts of citric acid.

E: E331
CAS: 68-04-02

Technical aspects

Trisodium Citrate is prepared by complete neutralization of citric acid with high purity sodium hydroxide or carbonate followed by crystallization and dehydration. As a base conjugated to a weak acid, citrate can be exploited as a buffering agent or acidity regulator, resistant to pH changes. Trisodium Citrate appears in the form of a white crystalline anhydrous powder with either a slightly sweet or salty undertaste.

Alternative names: E331 (III), trisodium dicitratobasic, trisodium salt of citric acid, Na3C6H5O7.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Trisodium Citrate is three years. Product should be stored in original or tightly closed containers.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Trisodium Citrate in 25 kg bags.


It can be used as a preservative or provider of flavor or color in food. We can find it in various products, especially beverages or gelatin mix, ice creams, jams, yogurts, and other products. In the dairy industry, Trisodium Citrate is an essential ingredient in the cheese-making process. Trisodium Citrate prevents the fats from separating so that the cheese can melt without becoming greasy. In the baby instant formula, Trisodium Citrate adjusts or buffers pH. In medicine, it may be put to use as an osmotic laxative.

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