E number: e951
CAS: 22839-47-0

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Aspartame is a chemical compound that belongs to the peptide ester group. It’s a flavoring agent, sweeter than sugar, converted to phenylalanine and aspartic acid.

E: E951
CAS: 22839-47-0

Technical aspects

Aspartame is a dipeptide obtained by formal condensation of the alpha-carboxy group of L-aspartic acid with the amino group of methyl L-phenylalaninate. It comes in a form of white or nearly white crystalline powder.

Alternative names: E951, C14H18N2O5.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Aspartame is up to 6 months.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Aspartame in 25 kg bags.


Aspartame is often used as a sweetener, with code E951. Added to food, it compensates for the lack of sugar or fat. Therefore, it is a product mainly used by diabetics. The list of products that have this sweetener in them include certain yogurts, sweetened sodas, flavored mineral waters, isotonic drinks, and more.

Aspartame is applied in some medications, including those generally available, for example in effervescent tablets or lozenges without added sugar.

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