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Maltodextrin improves texture, shelf life and flavor in many ways. It is also an excellent nutritional supplement. Discover its potential and get a head start in the market!

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Technical aspects

Maltodextrin is a product that is in the form of a free-flowing white powder. It is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable starch, usually corn, but also rice and wheat.

Maltodextrin increases the nutritional value of many preparations. Thanks to its functional properties, it can also help control moisture and extend the shelf life of products. Maltodextrin has a high degree of solubility. It is an emulsifier, stabilizer and improves the taste of products.

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Storage period

The storage period of Maltodextrin is a minimum of 24 months from the date of manufacture. The product should be stored in a closed container.


Foodcom S.A. offers Maltodextrin in 25 kg bags.


Maltodextrin is used in the food industry and is responsible for improving the texture of products such as meat, baked goods and confectionery. The additive also acts as an emulsifier in ice cream and beverages and improves the viscosity of yogurts and juices. Due to its lower glycemic index, Maltodextrin is often used in the production of sports nutrition and products for diabetics.

In the animal feed sector, Maltodextrin is used as a cost-effective alternative to other carbohydrates as an energy source. It also improves the texture and flavor of feed, increases nutrient absorption, and reduces symptoms of dehydration and stress. It is widely used in lactating cows and weanling piglets.

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