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Acetic Acid

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Acetic Acid

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Acetic Acid is an organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids. On an industrial scale, it is obtained by carbonylation of methanol or by oxidation of acetaldehyde. In the food industry, it is manufactured by acetic fermentation from ethanol. Acetic Acid is the main component of vinegar. It is a substance commonly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Another common name for this raw material is ethanoic acid. Its food additive designation is E260.

Technical aspects

Acetic Acid is a clear colorless liquid with a pungent odor. It is soluble in water and is characterized by its high hygroscopicity. Acetic Acid is highly corrosive, therefore is usually used in dilute form. Different names do have use for its solutions depending on the degree of dilution. A solution with a concentration of 70% – 80% is called Acetic Essence, while a solution containing 6% – 10% Acetic Acid is called vinegar. Foodcom S.A. offers Acetic Acid in a concentration of 25% – 90%. As the chemical reagent occurs acidic in nature, it has preserving properties used in food production, and it is also a pH regulator and flavor enhancer. 

Alternative names: ethanoic acid, hydrogen acetate, methanecarboxylic acid, CH3COOH, E260.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Acetic Acid is approximately two years.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Acetic Acid in IBC tanks or cisterns.


Acetic Acid is a crucial substance in the chemical industry. It is a chemical reagent for the synthesis of various chemicals and is mainly used in the production of vinyl acetate monomer. Acetic Acid is also used to make detergents and disinfectants or in water treatment. It is also involved in the production of dyes or plastics.

The raw material is utilized in the textile sector to dye fabrics and manufacture synthetic silk. Acetic Acid’s ability to absorb moisture from the surroundings is key in these production processes.

Acetic Acid is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing of medicine. As a solution at a concentration of 1%, it can be an effective antiseptic. It is also involved in the production of painkillers and antibiotics.

In the food industry, Acetic Acid is a preservative with the E number of E260. It reduces the possibility of the growth of microorganisms and is additionally responsible for the characteristic sour aftertaste in pickled products. Acetic Acid is used in the production of cheeses, as it allows to properly coagulate milk proteins and separate the resulting curd from the whey. In the confectionery industry, when combined with baking powder, it helps achieve a light, airy texture in the end-product. We also find E260 on the ingredient lists of other foods such as ready-made sauces, other dairy products, and staple food articles.

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