Sodium Chloride, or Table Salt. Properties and Uses in Food and Medicine

Author Dorota Cłapa
Reading time 9 minut
Publication date 29 September 2022

Sodium Chloride is one of the substances which consumption by living organisms is necessary for their survival, due to the supply of Na+ ions, which have a significant impact on the course of many physiological processes.

At the same time, this chemical compound has many other uses, including in medicine, the glass and tanning industry, and the cosmetics industry. Keep reading to learn more about Sodium Chloride and its applications!

What is Sodium Chloride?

Sodium Chloride is an inorganic chemical compound from the chloride group – a salt of hydrochloric acid and sodium. It is the basic component of table salt, brewed salt and road salt.

The technological process of obtaining brewed salt involves thermal concentration of salted water and crystallization of salt from it. It occurs in nature as a mineral component, forming rock salt deposits called halites.

Sodium Chloride – properties

Sodium Chloride takes the form of a fine crystalline white powder, with a characteristic salty smell and taste. It exhibits strong hygroscopic properties. Properly stored Sodium Chloride has no expiration date. The product should be stored in clean, dry and airtight containers. The product offered by Foodcom is not genetically modified. Foodcom also offers food-grade brewed salt without anti-caking agent.

Sodium Chloride – occurrence

Sodium Chloride naturally occurs in dissolved form in seawater and mineral waters, and as halite, a mineral that forms rock salt deposits. On a daily basis, Sodium Chloride is encountered in the form of table salt.

Table salt is present in most foods, including butter, cheese, cold cuts and bread. It can also be found in many highly processed products. Sodium Chloride is also used as a road salt. This is possible because a solution of water and Sodium Chloride freezes at very low temperatures.

Sodium Chloride – applications

Sodium Chloride is used as a food additive, imparting a salty taste to particular products. It is also used as a preservative. It is also used in the glass and tanning industries. Pure Sodium Chloride is used for electrolyte disorders. It can also be found in eye, throat and nasal rinses.

Sodium Chloride use in medicine

Among other things, Sodium Chloride is widely used in medicine. Preparations containing this chemical compound are especially recommended in situations of electrolyte deficiency. In addition, it is an important ingredient in products used to rinse the eyes, nose and throat.

Sodium Chloride in cosmetics

Sodium Chloride is also valued by cosmetic manufacturers. In finished products, the compound performs various functions. Among other things, Sodium Chloride is used as a filler, increasing the volume of the product, or as a fragrance or odor suppressant. Sodium Chloride also increases product viscosity and helps stabilize emulsions.

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