Foodcom S.A. at CPHI China 2024: forging tomorrow’s partnerships

Kinga Wiśniewska
Foodcom S.A. at CPHI China 2024: forging tomorrow’s partnerships
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Foodcom S.A. just wrapped up its impactful stint at CPHI China 2024 in Shanghai. With Łukasz Klażyński and Artur Rutkowski leading the charge, our team showcased innovation and built valuable business relationships.

A premier event for industry leaders

CPHI China is the go-to event for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where market leaders meet to share knowledge and present the latest technologies. Skipping this event was never an option, knowing that the discussions we had would open up exciting opportunities.

Łukasz Klażynski brought a sharp perspective and strategic insights that captured attention, demonstrating his leadership and innovative thinking that drives our chemical operations. Meanwhile, Artur Rutkowski provided practical insights and unwavering commitment, greatly expanding our business reach.

CPHI China 2024 was a bustling hub of discussions, networking, and exploring new business paths. We’re geared up for more!

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