Time for Spain. Foodcom begins global expansion

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Time for Spain. Foodcom begins global expansion

Time for Spain. Foodcom begins global expansion

Just three months after opening an office in Lublin, Foodcom continues its expansion by opening its third office in one of the fastest growing cities in Andalusia – Málaga.

Known for its picturesque location on the southern coast of Spain, Málaga is becoming an increasingly attractive business center. The strategic location of this city, which is a gateway to international markets, is a key element in the decision to open a new Foodcom office there, which will serve as an important operational base for the company’s commercial activities.

Malaga, with its stable environment, growing market potential and favorable location, is both a promising environment for business and a highly attractive place to work. Moreover, Spain’s well-developed infrastructure combined with its geographical location makes it a promising market for logistics investments – says Mateusz Augustyniak, Board Member at Foodcom S.A.

Spain is located at the intersection of Mediterranean and Atlantic routes, which opens the way to markets in Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. In addition, the Port of Malaga, which has been in continuous operation for 2,600 years and is the oldest port in the Mediterranean, and the international airport play an important role in global trade.

Employment in the Spanish team

Foodcom S.A. has its offices in Warsaw and Lublin. The opening of another branch, this time in Spain, not only creates favorable conditions for intensive trade activities, but also helps to support the local economy and create new jobs. Currently, there is a team of several people in Spain, which will be systematically expanded.

We have already recruited people for key positions in the Spanish team and will gradually expand it. The team is led by Angel Ramirez and is made up of employees from Spain and other parts of the world, such as Morocco, the Philippines and Portugal. With the opening of the new office in Malaga, we are therefore looking for 30 new employees who will have the opportunity to participate in the dynamic growth of the company,” adds Mateusz Augustyniak.

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