FMCG, new direction for Foodcom’s expansion

Foodcom S.A. is expanding its portfolio to include products of well-known global brands (so-called big brands) belonging to the FMCG market segment. The diversified trade offer, which includes soft drinks, energy drinks and confectionery, is aimed at food wholesalers, retail chains and importers.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, is a market for fast moving consumer goods, i.e. goods that are regularly purchased by customers to meet basic needs. The peculiarities of the basic needs goods sector are a very wide range of products, relatively low prices and high sales volumes. Being indispensable for everyday life, the FMCG sector is developing dynamically, and the presence of foreign brands on the Polish market makes the sector even more attractive.

Entering this promising market segment is not only a response to its needs and trends, but also to the growing number of customers inquiries for FMCG products. Moreover, it is a natural step in the development of our company to explore new avenues of expansion. We want to use our knowledge and long experience in the industry and expand our reach both in terms of our portfolio and international markets,” says Aleksander Paciorkiewicz, CEO of Foodcom SA.

From the very beginning, Foodcom’s philosophy has been to sell goods and provide services of the highest quality. This applies to all products and services that are currently in the competence and trade offer. The expansion of the product range is important both from the point of view of customers and their changing needs, and for traders, who have more options in the choice of sectors in which they are interested. It is worth remembering that despite the automation of many processes, integration efforts or the latest technological innovations – choosing the right team is crucial for the life of the business.

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