The new Foodcom website

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The new Foodcom website
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The new Foodcom website

Foodcom launched a new version of its website at the end of July, marking an important step in the company’s digital transformation. With this, the company announces strong growth and marks its presence in the e-commerce market.

Refreshed interface

The new version of the website is based on a content management system (CMS – content management system). The layout and design of the site have been thoroughly revised – the interface has been optimized to enable comfortable navigation and intuitive use of the platform. The site has been tailored to the needs of users, who can now easily search for information about the products offered, important global economic events and activities of Foodcom S.A.

New functionalities

However, the website has not only been refreshed in terms of design, but has also received new functionalities. Now customers can buy goods through the platform or freeze their prices for 48 hours thanks to the reservation option. This means that the price of the product they see when they place their order is kept. This eliminates the risk associated with unfavorable price fluctuations on global commodity markets. The standard procedure for concluding a purchase contract, which starts with contacting customer service (via a form, email or live chat), remains unchanged.

Foodcom’s strategy is focused on dynamic growth and expansion of the business area both in terms of trade offer and foreign markets. Already a few years ago, Foodcom was the first trading company in the world to start publishing the prices of the products at which it trades. With the new website and the sales system it introduces, these transactions are now streamlined. With a price guarantee, we ensure the security of the business, which is particularly important in today’s fast-changing world,” says Mateusz Augustyniak, Foodcom S.A. Board Member.

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