Top 10 interview tips for a sales company

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Top 10 interview tips for a sales company

In the world of commerce, the art of recruitment takes on special importance. It’s not just a matter of skills – it’s also about how well you can sell yourself. Your chance to shine and convince us why you are the perfect candidate for our team! Ahead of you are ten tips that will open the door to your dream job.

1. It’s time to embark on the path that will lead you straight to recruitment success!

Everyone who likes success needs to prepare. Anyone who strives for success knows that preparation is key. Well, cliché, but as it turns out, many candidates forget to even find out what the company even does! That’s why the first step – a glance at what they do, what products they sell, what their mission and achievements are. Recruiters notice when someone has come well acquainted with their company. This shows your commitment and professionalism. You will show that you are not a random candidate, but a person who thinks strategically and approaches every opportunity with interest. Remember, it’s your unique approach that can make the difference.

2. Recognize the combat area

No, we’re not talking about combat training, we're talking about the market in which the company operates. Research the market in which the company operates. Familiarize yourself with trends, challenges and competition in the industry. Such information will help you better answer potential questions about the area. Remember that many people downplay competitive analysis before recruiting, and by using this knowledge, you can stand out as a candidate with strategic thinking. For example, during a recruitment interview, you can refer to specific activities of your competitors and provide ideas for innovation in response to current trends. This will validate your commitment and ability to think outside the box.

70% of candidates do not analyze the competition before recruiting

3. Examples, examples, examples

Okay, now that you have the knowledge, it’s time for “What was I busy with last season?”. Prepare concrete examples of your show-offs in trading. It could be a moment, a salvaged situation with a complicated client, or an adrenaline-pumping negotiation, and what is important in trading – the NUMBERS you can boast about. Recruiters like to hear about specific situations in which you show that you can demonstrate initiative, creativity and skill in trading.

4. Sales superhero

It’s time for your impact on companies – how did your dozens of ideas contribute to raising sales by 200%? Soft skills also play a key role here – show that you can build bridges between people.Numbers speak volumes, but it’s your ability to connect people and ideas that makes you a true sales superhero.

82% of recruiters consider interpersonal skills crucial in sales

5. In the stress of the spotlight

Tell a story in which you managed to face stress and successfully play it off. After all, you are not the kind of person who loses his cool at the first noise. Your ability to control your emotions can make a big difference in how successfully you handle the challenges that are inevitable in the world of trading. Therefore, demonstrate that you can stay calm in practice and show your confidence at the interview as well.

6. With passion in your pocket

Get carried away with passion. Show that you don’t just sell, you live sales! Your commitment can act as a magnet for recruiters. It is this energy that can make the key difference, convincing recruiters that you are not just a candidate, but a true sales visionary. After all, who wouldn't want someone on their team who is even burning with
passion for sales?

42% of recruiters are looking for candidates with passion and commitment to the industry

7. How do you navigate the dynamic whirlwind of change?

Moment of truth – how do you handle adaptation? In the retail industry, which is particularly exposed to rapid market changes, the ability to adapt flexibly to new situations is invaluable. A valuable asset here will be yours:

  • Openness to change: Tell us about situations in which you had to quickly adapt your operations to new conditions, and the results you achieved thanks to your flexibility.
  • Willingness to keep learning: Let it be known that you are willing to continuously learn and acquire new skills. Mention training, courses or self-education.
  • Problem solving: Highlight your ability to quickly identify problems and find innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration and communication: In new situations, it is often necessary to exchange information quickly and collaborate with different teams. Highlight your communication skills and ability to work effectively with different people and departments.
  • Data-driven approach: List examples of when you have used information and analytics to adapt your operations to a changing market and achieve better results.

8. First impression matters

The saying “As they see you, so they write you” is particularly apt in situations where a company has a specific dress code. That’s why, when preparing for a meeting, it’s a good idea to make sure you look in line with your potential employer’s expectations. This can increase your chances of making a positive first impression and presenting yourself as someone who fits in with the company's culture. Also pay attention to your body language during the interview. Maintain eye contact, avoid excessive gesticulation and don’t cross your arms.

50% of recruiters pay attention to a candidate’s attire

9. Value of specifics

Emphasize specific situations. Don't throw in generalities such as: “I enjoy working in teams” instead boast that: “In a previous job, the team I led completed project X with a 20% increase in productivity”. Show that you don’t juggle empty words, but know how to turn them into action. Show that your words are backed up by concrete actions.

10. End with a smile

Don’t forget that a pleasant atmosphere always attracts. If you make the recruiter leave the meeting with a smile on his or her face, you are already taking steps toward success at the start. When summarizing the interview, express your desire for further cooperation and emphasize your interest in the position. Ask about next steps in the recruitment process and specify how you can provide additional information, if necessary.

93% of candidates believe that a positive approach during a recruitment interview has the potential to influence recruiters decisions


So, Commerce Man, don’t let the stress get to you! Use these tips to stand out and increase your chances of success. Gain customers and…. well, sales jobs! Remember, as a sales company we are always looking for talent, so check out our current job openings, read all the tips and get to work!
Good luck!

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