Work-Camp on the Canary Islands

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Work-Camp on the Canary Islands

Work-Camp in the Canary Islands – a bit more about benefits

Foodcom S.A. is not only a company that focuses on the professional development of its employees, but also on their well-deserved rest. Working at Foodcom S.A. goes beyond daily office duties and task completion. Maintaining a balance between professional duties and leisure time is an important factor in increasing work efficiency. Hence the idea of an annual internal competition for salespeople. Foodcom S.A. offers numerous employee benefits, and one of the most exciting is an invitation to a Work-Camp in the Canary Islands.

As the name suggests, this opportunity provides work in an attractive environment. The best employees have the chance to combine work with a holiday on the ocean shore. Work-camps are an unusual type of retreat where salespeople can engage in activities such as learning to surf, exploring the area and relaxing under the palm trees.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a key factor in motivating and engaging employees. Thanks to such trips organized by our company, our salespeople return rested and ready to take on new challenges, bringing new ideas and energy to their work.

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