Maasdam 45 fdm

Maasdam is a cheese with a unique taste and texture. Its delicate, nutty flavor makes it an excellent choice for the food industry. Include Maasdam in your assortment to emphasize the uniqueness of your offer and satisfy your customers.

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Technical aspects

Maasdam cheese contains more moisture than Emmental and is therefore softer. It has a soft, creamy texture and a delicate nutty, sweet and slightly spicy flavor. It is especially known for its excellent melting properties. It is chosen by many producers for its cost efficiency and ease of processing. The cheese is supple, firm and uniform, with oval, regularly spaced eyes of different sizes and a yellow rind. The holes are caused by the growth of propionic acid bacteria, which are responsible for the characteristic flavor. Maasdam is sometimes waxed.

Maasdam cheese supplied by Foodcom S.A. has 45% fat content in dry matter (45% FDM).

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Storage period

The storage period of Maasdam is about 6 months. The product should be stored in a dark place, at a temperature between 2°C and 10°C and relative humidity of about 65%.


Foodcom S.A. supplies its Business Partners with Maasdam in 13 kg blocks.


Maasdam is suitable for direct consumption. It is also suitable for grating and slicing. It is used as an ingredient in baked goods, cheese sauces, dips, pizzas and soups. Maasdam cheese can also be added to various prepared dishes such as lasagna, casseroles, risotto and others to improve the taste and creaminess.

10 MT
Alternative names
maasdam type cheese, maasdam 45%, maasdam 45 fdm

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