Today we celebrate International Food Security Day!

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Trends in the wholesale of plant based products
International Food Safety Day, held on June 7, was established by the United Nations in 2018 to spread awareness on the importance of food security. The ongoing issue concerns everyone – from lawmakers to producers, and consumers. Debate about food quality is challenging, especially at a time of skyrocketing inflation, with the prices of products continuing to rise.

Today, food is being processed in more volumes and shipped over greater distances than ever before. The cooperation and involvement of all involved in the food supply chain, proper management and legislations, are crucial to ensure food safety.

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Per saperne di più L’idrossipropil-Distarch Fosfato (E1442)
Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate
2340 €

Aspetti tecnici

L’amido modificato E1442 si presenta sotto forma di polvere. Ha un colore bianco e un odore tipico dell’amido.


L’amido modificato E1442 viene utilizzato principalmente come agente stabilizzante e addensante. La materia prima viene utilizzata nella produzione di gelati, condimenti, marinate, dessert congelati e torte.

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