5 Top News From the Global Plant-Based Market

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Read the selected stories from the global plant-based market! Take a look at Beyond Meat’s deal to provide McDonald’s with plant-based burgers, a new cricket protein plant in Canada planned by Aspire Food Group, efforts to include hemp in feed in the U.S., Hochland’s plant-based offer debut, and surging demand for vitamin C.

1. New Beyond Meat contract with McDonald’s

Beyond Meat lands a 3-year contract with McDonald’s as a major supplier of patty for the plant-based burger dubbed McPlant, already launched in certain locations globally. Beyond Meat will also contribute to the research for plant-based alternatives to other McDonald’s products made with chicken, pork, and egg. The company also scored a deal with Yum! Brands to cooperate on the development of animal-free alternatives to menu items for other fast-food giants including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

2. New cricket protein facility in Canada

Aspire Food Group announces plans to build a new facility in Canada, entirely devoted to the production of cricket protein as part of the program promoting the consumption of edible insects. The construction of the factory will cost $13.2 million and is projected to manufacture almost 20,000 metric tonnes of the products yearly. The facility is expected to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2022 with around 60 employees hired.

3. US first application for hemp in feed industry

The first submission for the use of hemp in animal feed in the US has been presented to the industry’s controlling entities. According to the experts, the by-products of hemp manufacture can be used as a highly-nutritious ingredient in animal feed as they contain around 30% protein, 10% fat, and a range of carbohydrates. If the application gains approval, hemp seed meal andcake could be used commercially as feed for hens.

4. Hochland Polska introduces new plant-based product line

Polish leader in the cheese production Hochland Polska makes its debut with a new plant-based offer. SimplyV brand represents the growing demand for animal-free products and provides the consumers with a range of spreads and slices manufactured from high-quality, fully vegan ingredients. The products from SimplyV are free from lactose, gluten, milk, soy, and palm oil. The offer is already available in retail stores.

5. Vitamin C’s drastic increase

The pandemic-caused concerns about health and immunity propelled vitamin C sales in the last year.

As global supplies of vitamin C drop, the price for the product raises. In November 2020, the prices grew by as much as 200% in one month. In the US the sales of the product rose by 61.8% totaling $576 million in the period between November 2019 and 2020. Nevertheless, experts predict that the supply will stabilize soon.
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