Summary of the week 50 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 50 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



Significant quantities of SMP are offered in the area of 3.27 – 3.32 EUR/kg EXW EU. The product is available, one just need to pay the right price. Most manufacturers do not feel pressure to sell below a certain level.

FCMP is offered in the area of 4.15 – 4.25 EUR/kg EXW EU.

SWP food is approaching the barrier of 1,200 EUR/MT EXW EU. The interest and pressure on WPC80 Instant is not decreasing. Depending on the date of collection WPC is offered at 10.10 – 10.75 EUR/kg EXW EU.


Cheeses are still high. Prices for Gouda for Q1 are at 4200-4250 EUR/MT with no signs of decreases.

Mozzarella is slightly more expensive than in previous weeks. We hear bid of 3800-3850 EUR/MT.


Butter prices for Q1 are revolving around 6000 EUR/MT. Just before Christmas, the situation is a bit calmer.

AMF is offered above 7.30 – 7.40 EUR/kg EXW EU.


There is less and less raw material. Spot prices for raw milk are at 0.50-0.55 EUR/litre. SMC and cream slid just before Christmas. For sure, this year there won’t be any additional quantities of the latter. The prices are at 6800-6900 EUR/MT for cream. We think that during Christmas it might be around 6600 EUR/MT, but the availability might be poor.

Similar situation with SMC with prices at 2800 EUR/MT.
Per saperne di più Sorbitolo
1490 EUR

Aspetti tecnici

Il Sorbitolo è una polvere o un granulato bianco dal sapore dolce. È facilmente solubile in acqua.


Il Sorbitolo viene solitamente utilizzato come dolcificante, ma ha anche applicazioni mediche. Il Sorbitolo viene utilizzato in cosmetica, come addensante, in farmacia nella produzione di capsule di gelatina morbida o nella panificazione. In questo caso, il prodotto non viene utilizzato solo come dolcificante, ma anche come stabilizzatore dell’umidità.

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