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What should you stock up on now for Q3 and Q4? In our newsletter you will find out how market trends are changing and what to expect in the near future when it comes to the Dairy segment. Trust the knowledge and experience of our specialists. With us, you’ll never miss a thing!



SMP continues to hold prices at historically high levels. After Algeria announced tender ONIL prices strengthened further. Given the current political situation in Europe, it is hard to forecast how prices may change. Most people are waiting for the course of the next GDT tender, which takes place on Tuesday.

For the SWP, prices and demand remain at consistently high levels.

German FCMP quotations have gone up significantly in recent days.  FCMP is mostly produced to order and if it appears it is in limited quantities.


It seems that most European buyers who have been inactive in recent months and were hoping for a price drop have returned to the market to buy overnight. Buyers are looking to stock up for the second and in some cases third quarter as prices continue to rise and are not expected to fall.


Ahead of the upcoming holidays, price increases are likely to be seen in fats. Butter has strengthened, with levels jumping as high as 6 EUR/kg, as evidenced by a new contract for one of Germany’s largest discounters, which also closed at a similar level.


Seasonally cream and milk in most western countries. is going up. Milk deliveries to dairies are increasing, but not in the quantities that dairies would like. They are still lower than at the same time last year.
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