Summary of the week 2 (dairy)

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Summary of the week 2 (dairy)
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This is our summary of the week 2 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP is offered around 3.50 EUR/kg EXW EU and producers are complaining about the profitability of drying due to lack of sufficient raw material and increases in energy prices. Some producers are predicting further increases. ONIL- Algeria tender is also active. FCMP stands relatively stable, with prices around 4250-4300 EUR/MT.

SWP whey has also seen quite a large increase, with prices surpassing 1350 EUR/MT EXW EU.

WPC80 is stable, prices depending on loading date from 10.40 – 10.80 EUR/kg (for Instant). Information about a smaller milk collection than last year is coming to us from various regions of Europe.


Cheese remains at a similar level, there is high availability but demand is also high.

Gouda/Edam is offered at 4.25 – 4.30 EUR/kg and increasing demand for Cagliata. Cheddar is offered above 4.60 EUR/kg EXW. The demand is increasing for this type of cheese.


Butter is offered at 5.55 – 5.80 EUR/kg EXW EU and probably the Polish product is currently the most price competitive. AMF is offered above 7.35 – 7.45 EUR/kg EXW.

Several producers would very much like to see the price materialize around 6 EUR/kg.


Milk is coming in week by week but still less than expected. Spot milk prices are still high.

Cream fell last week by 100 – 200 EUR/MT. SMC prices have also fallen slightly. Whey concentrate is less available than in previous weeks.
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