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    Glycine is a nonpolar amino acid, the simplest one of the 20 natural amino acids. Glycine is not optically active and has a small side chain. It is essentially involved in the formation of α-helices.

    Technical aspects

    It is mildly sweet and counteracts the saccharine aftertaste. Glycine is a component of some solutions used in the SDS-PAGE method of protein analysis. It serves as a buffering agent that maintains pH and prevents damage to the sample during electrophoresis.

    It is sensitive to antibiotics that target folate, and blood glycine levels drop within a minute of an antibiotic injection. Some antibiotics can degrade more than 90% of glycine within minutes of administration.

    Shelf life

    The shelf life of glycine is 24 months when stored below 37 °C in a closed container.


    Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with glycine in 25 kg packs.


    In medicine, glycine is used in intravenous injection, however, mainly applying the higher-quality grade of glycine – pharmaceutical grade. Technical grade glycine is used as a metal complexing and finishing agent, for instance.

    Glycine is also commonly used in infusions and in food chemistry as a flavoring or preservative. Moreover, it is added to animal feed in the form of copper (II) glycinate.

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