Summary of the week 34 (Dairy)

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Summary of the week 34 (Dairy)
This is our summary of the week 34 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



Exports, mainly from China and India, are coming back.  TManufactures that rely on powders are also more interested in availability and purchasing. Those factors keep prices high. Furthermore, many expect next gains. SWP still strong.


The beginning of the new school year and cooler days sharpened the appetite for cheese. This is especially visible in the high prices of Cagliata and significant increases on hard cheeses.


Prices and the scarce availability of cream cause the price of butter to rise steadily. It seems that buyers have already noticed the trend and accepted the possibility of increases. It is especially visible in the increased number of inquiries and concluded contracts.


Prices of raw material have continuously increased in recent weeks. The main factor is the lower availability of fluids, which is related to the seasonal decline in milk collection in the EU. High temperatures in Western and Southern Europe and rainstorms in Central and Eastern Europe also had a great impact on milk production.
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