Summary of the week 6

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Dairy Newsletter
This is our summary of the week 6 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



As expected, Algeria has announced the tender for SMP. Many people believe – or want to believe that this event will slightly raise the price of the product. Now, depending on the collection period and the origin of the raw material, SMP ranges from 2.34 to 2.41 EUR / kg EXW EU. During Tomorrow’s GDT, we expect the price to increase slightly or remain at a similar level. The average asking price for SMP futures is around 2,408 EUR/MT EXW. SMP feed prices slightly up. Permeate and lactose is in demand – mainly from China. We will see how it will look like in upcoming weeks as the New Year festive time might stop (temporarily?) the intake. The price of whey is still building – some producers offer SWP already around 950 EUR/MT with export papers. We will see how it will turn out after Chinese New Year. Many more inquiries on WPC last week, both regular and instant. The producers expect the price to reach 5,000 EUR/MT EXW. Buyers are getting used to it. Whole milk powder continues to grow mainly due to high milk prices in China. According to estimates, prices should remain more or less stable in the near future. Keep in mind that Gulfood is taking place next week – how will it influence the market?


Another week with an increase in cheese prices. Gouda DE/NL is offered at around 3 EUR/kg, but transactions are made at 2.95 EUR/kg. Polish prices on Gouda 45 are reaching 3.00 EUR/kg EXW PL. 3 kg loafs are 10 cents higher (3.10 EUR/kg). The production of cheese is getting more active and more SMC is seen on the market. Mozzarella is holding strong. It’s hard to find offers below 2.70 EUR/kg EXW. Buyers have finally agreed with increases in Cagliata – prices reached 3,100 EUR/MT DAP Southern Europe. This translates to 2,900 EUR/kg in Central/Western Europe.


In Germany, the pandemic increased sales of butter by 8%. Prices went up, yet transactions are not made at these levels yet. Buyers do not accept offers at 3.60 EUR/kg and above. However, finding good products below this point is not easy. Producers plan to elevate the price of butter cubes in the upcoming weeks. There is an increasing demand for AMF – is it a consequence of Brexit and diminished amounts imported from the UK? Whey butter is being looked for.


Cold weather keeps the milk collection low, yet the liquids stay stable. Cream adjusted from last week’s increases. Prices available around 4.20 – 4.25 EUR/kg EXW. Skim milk offered in the area of ​​0.185 – 0.195 EUR/kg EXW depending on the origin of the raw material. SMC is offered at 2.28 – 2.32 EUR/kg has no interconnection with the price of powders. Interestingly, in Germany in December 2020 there was the largest increase in retail milk purchases – 6.9%, which was the largest difference since March 2020 when people were buying stocks before the first lockdown. Moreover, organic milk consumption rose by 17.6%.
Per saperne di più Mozzarella
3700 EUR

Aspetti tecnici

La Mozzarella è un formaggio fresco a pasta filata, tradizionalmente originario dell’Italia meridionale, dal sapore dolce e delicato. La consistenza del formaggio può essere descritta come soda, con una superficie liscia e un colore che va dal bianco all’avorio. La Mozzarella è prodotta con latte vaccino pastorizzato. La sua produzione inizia con la pastorizzazione del latte e l’aggiunta di fermenti lattici per produrre un coagulante di caseina. Successivamente, il siero viene separato e drenato. La cagliata ottenuta viene modellata, macinata, trattata con acqua calda e salata.

Le caratteristiche salienti della Mozzarella sono l’eccellente elasticità e le proprietà di fusione. Il rapporto ideale tra proteine e grassi consente una fusione omogenea senza cristallizzazione. Viene utilizzata anche per rendere i prodotti più appetibili e per conferire loro un sapore delicato. Conferisce anche un valore nutrizionale, in quanto presenta alti livelli di proteine, calcio, zinco e vitamine A e B12. Inoltre, ha un’elevata elasticità e aggiunge viscosità ai prodotti. La Mozzarella è anche caratterizzata da un elevato contenuto di umidità e lattosio, che la rende utile nella produzione di prodotti in cui è auspicabile la reazione di Maillard.

La Mozzarella fornita da Foodcom S.A. ha un contenuto di grassi nella sostanza secca del 40% (40% FDM).


La Mozzarella possiede molte proprietà funzionali ideali per le applicazioni alimentari, come la rapidità di fusione e la facilità di triturazione. Queste caratteristiche rendono la Mozzarella un prodotto estremamente versatile, ideale come ingrediente per pizze, insalate, piatti pronti, lasagne, zuppe e salse. Viene spesso utilizzata nella produzione di pasta tradizionale italiana, come ravioli e tortellini, per conferire loro un sapore e una consistenza unici.

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