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This is our summary of the week 27 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP price range moved slightly lower in Western Europe. The number of inquiries has declined, which is typical for the holiday period. Usually, shopping time starts again in the second part of August. Those who actively look for quantities, are those who haven’t covered Q3 yet. Asian markets remain an important outlet for SMP from Europe.FCMP prices are diminishing. Strong cheese production secures whey stocks. WPC for Q3 and Q4, well above 8 EUR/kg. Here and there some gems can be found. Demand from China and Asia in general persists and keeps the price of whey more or less stable. Fat filled milk powders lower than usual.


Gouda was pretty stable, but there were not many buyers. There are no indicators for this situation to change any time soon. Mozzarella slightly lower. Many expect price correction. Cagliata is looked for, but bids are not getting higher. Cheddar, on the other hand, is under a price pressure on export market as prices in the US are low.


Butter prices are steadily lowering. Last week, a drop of 50-100 EUR/tonne was noted. Many buyers have stocked up for upcoming months to cross out this task in the summer, and we can clearly see less interest. Moreover, price of cream dropped which contributes to the price of butter as well. Sales of butter cubes have also slowed down, as many customers left for holidays and the demand is weaker. AMF rather stable. 


Liquids are flushing down. After last week’s increases SMC declined. Raw and skimmed milk are also cheaper, despite the seasonal decrease in raw material collection. Cream, as well as SWC also in red.
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