Summary of the week 49 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 49 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP is high and stable, offered around 3.30 – 3.35 EUR/kg EXW EU. Large producers say they are already sold out for Q1 and are not forecasting additional volumes. Producers believe in further price increases.

SMP and BMP up again after GDT results. BMP price is chasing SMP price. Small quantities of BMP are available. Prices oscillate around 3.15-3.20 EUR/kg. Feed BMP price is close to food BMP price. Lactose is offered above 1120 EUR/MT EXW EU. Interest in the FCMP continues unabated, resulting in another week of increases. In Poland, prices rose above 4.15 EUR/kg.

SWP is offered around 1100 – 1150 EUR/MT EXW EU with an upward trend.

Whey permeate 710 – 740 EUR/MT EXW EU – price growth is also accompanied by increased inquiries e.g. from China.

WPC is back in demand after several weeks of stabilization, and prices are already topping 10 EUR/kg as of 1Q2022. The price of WPC80 Instant is stable, although markets outside the EU still have to get used to the current level. The price is fluctuating around 10.50 EUR/kg EXW EU.


Dutch cheese offers are above 4.20 EUR/kg EXW. Mozzarella offered in the range of 3.75 – 3.85 EUR/kg EXW EU.

Prices in Q1 rather on same level as today, not a single sign of price decrease.


Butter jumped over week from 5.20 to 5.70 EUR/kg EXW EU and has finally started to match the price of cream. There are reports that still quite a few large groups are not contracted for the first quarter as they were expecting a correction in the fat price, which did not happen. For fresh product we hear deals around 5.90 to 6.00 EUR EXW West EU.

With the increased interest in butter, orders for AMF went up, with prices momentarily hitting over 7.00 EUR/kg EXW.


Another up week for liquids. There is still a shortage of milk in Europe. This in combination with high demand/high production costs results in high prices. This week cream has again passed the 7000 EUR/MT threshold, at the end of the week it weakened temporarily. Producers are reluctant to sell cream at lower prices after Christmas.

SMC prices above 3100 EUR/MT. On holidays, prices are fluctuating between 2900-3000 EUR/MT. Whey concentrate is stable.
Más información Harina de Gluten de Maíz
Corn Gluten Meal
890 €

Aspectos técnicos

El producto final es un polvo fino y homogéneo de color amarillo anaranjado. Tiene un olor a cereal fresco. La Harina de Gluten de Maíz tiene un alto contenido en proteínas y es bastante buena en metionina, que es valiosa para las gallinas ponedoras. El contenido relativamente alto de xantofilas amarillas hace que la Harina de Gluten de Maíz sea una opción popular para la pigmentación de las aves de corral.


La Harina de Gluten de Maíz se utiliza principalmente como materia prima para la alimentación del ganado, incluidos los peces, así como para la alimentación de los animales domésticos. El gluten para piensos proporciona proteínas, energía y pigmentación a los animales. Se utiliza como alternativa potencial a otras proteínas, como la harina de soja, la harina de pescado y la harina de carne y huesos.

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