What is Copper Chloride? Copper Chloride as a Feed Additive for Livestock

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What is Copper Chloride? Copper Chloride as a Feed Additive for Livestock
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  • Copper Chloride is an inorganic chemical belonging to the chloride group.
  • It is widely used in industry. – Copper Chloride has a unique characteristic blue or blue-green colour.
  • It is also used in the manufacture of fireworks and cosmetics.

Foodcom supplies a wide range of chemical additives. The substances traded by the company are used in a wide range of industries and are appreciated by our Business Partners for their high quality. Undoubtedly, all products are worthy of special attention, and in this article we will take a closer look at Copper Chloride. Read on to learn more about this remarkable substance!

What is Copper Chloride?

Copper Chloride is an inorganic chemical compound from the chloride group, a salt of hydrochloric acid and copper in the 1st order. It is produced industrially by the direct combination of copper metal and chlorine at 450 – 900°C.

Properties of Copper Chloride

Copper chloride has a unique color characteristic of this substance. Its hue can be described as blue or blue-green. The shelf life of Copper Chloride is 12 months.

Uses for Copper Chloride

Copper Chloride is used worldwide and is a safe and bioavailable source of copper that is excellent for feeding livestock. Complications commonly associated with other forms of copper do not occur with this product. This ingredient can help solve problems associated with oxidation, discoloration, caking and nutrient loss in feeds and premixes.

Copper chloride is also used in the apparel industry. Clothing manufacturers use the substance as a mordant to help dyes settle better on fabric.

The substance is used in the manufacture of fireworks as well. Explosives containing this substance explode blue and green in the sky. Thanks to its unique properties, copper chloride can be used to protect wooden parts from rot and mold. Products containing this chemical compound are mainly used for greenhouses and fences. Its use provides a greenish finish.

Of course, these are just a few of the many uses of Copper Chloride in industry. The substance can also be found in products such as fertilizers, cosmetics and personal care products, detergents, other cleaning products and air fresheners, to name a few. If you suspect that this substance could also boost your business, fill out the form on the ‘Contact’ tab and one of our traders will get back to you shortly with an unobjectionable proposal.

Copper Chloride as a feed additive for livestock

A particularly interesting application of Copper Chloride, primarily related to its use as a chemical additive, is its use in the production of livestock feed

Copper chloride is used in animal feeds around the world. Farm animals receive it through feed as a safe source of copper. Unlike other forms of supplying the organism with this element, Copper Chloride has no problems with oxidation, discoloration, clumping, and nutrient losses in feeds and premixes.

Balanced copper supplementation is extremely important because copper is an essential element for the growth of body, wool and bones. Its presence also promotes pigmentation, supports the formation of healthy nerve fibers and white blood cell function.

Newborn or young lambs, pregnant or lactating sheep and cattle are most susceptible to copper deficiency. Cattle are more susceptible to copper deficiency than sheep. Because of their increased susceptibility to deficiency and its negative effects, it is worth paying special attention to these animals and ensuring that their feed contains adequate amounts of copper.

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