Polysorbate 20
Polysorbate 20
E number: e432
CAS: 9005-64-5

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Polysorbate 20 is a semisynthetic compound. It’s obtained through a manufacturing process that uses natural coconut oil along with ethylene oxide. It’s a light colored alternative to Polysorbate 80. Polysorbate 20 is classified as a member of an organic compound known as fatty acid esters.

E: E432
CAS: 9005-64-5

Technical aspects

It can have a yellow to a brown color and has a specific odor. The pH of polysorbate 20 is important – it must be 5.5-7, otherwise the substance has no value and it decomposes. As an antistatic agent, Polysorbate 20 helps reduce and prevent the buildup of static charges.

It is both a thickener and a viscosity modifier, helping to ensure that the viscosity of a product does not change when exposed to different room temperatures, such as extreme cold or heat. It stabilizes emulsions and prevents ingredient separation and improves combining immiscible ingredients together.

Alternative names: E432, polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monolaurate, polisorbate.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Polysorbate 20 is 24 months. Product should be stored in a cool place, away from heat and light.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Polysorbate 20 in 25 kg bags.


Polysorbate 20 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier perfect for solubilizing essential oils into water based products. That’s why it can be found in baby oil, cosmetic creams, cream deodorant, lotions, sun lotion, or room sprays. In hair products it provides gentle cleanse and soothe for skin and scalp, as well as thoroughly-blended feel, and spreadability of product on skin.

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