Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium Phosphate

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    Dicalcium Phosphate

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    Dicalcium Phosphate is a combination of phosphorus and calcium. Dicalcium phosphate is usually made by combining sulfuric or phosphoric acid with phosphate rock or other insoluble calcium phosphates. This mixture is then treated with calcium chloride to produce dibasic sodium phosphate.


    Technical aspects

    The prefix “di” in the common name is formed because the compound formation consists in removing two parts from phosphoric acid. Final product appears in the form of a white powder.

    Shelf life

    The shelf life of Dicalcium Phosphate is 2 years.


    Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Dicalcium Phosphate in 25 kg bags or in Big Bags.


    Dicalcium Phosphate is a component of animal diets as a source of phosphorus and a feed corrector. Thanks to this mineral, food rations meet the needs of animals, improving growth and fertility.
    Phosphorus is essential, ie. in the process of ATP, the synthesis of nucleic acids, and bone formation. Dicalcium phosphate is used as a food additive due to its energetic properties and positive anti-blood-clotting effect. It is sometimes found in toothpaste due to its polishing trait.

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