Ferrero’s New Acquisition

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Publication date 04 January 2021
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The Ferrero Group announced the acquisition of a UK-based Eat Natural company, specializing in healthy cereal snacks. The value of the deal remains undisclosed. Eat Natural has over 20 years of experience on the UK market producing healthy versions of breakfast cereal products and snacks. The procurement is part of Ferrero’s plans for the expansion into the market offering choices made with wholesome ingredients. The group will guide Eat Natural into new markets and segments and will expand its distribution system while maintaining the brand’s managers and employees. The Ferrero Group follows the trends of the consumers and reaches out to their emerging demands.

The healthy food segment is projected to be a lucrative sector in the food industry. According to research conducted by food initiative EIT on 10 European countries, almost half of the participants said that they will increase their effort to remain healthy as a result of the pandemic. Importantly, the consumers also stated that accessibility of inexpensive food should not entangle health complications. They will also be more interested in local and organic farming searching for high-quality fruits and vegetables.

The International Food Information Council examined the changes in customers’ habits during the pandemic. Their findings reveal that around 60% of consumers take into consideration how healthy their food choices are, while over 50% report to have introduced modifications into their diets to enhance their health. The healthiest nutritional elements and thus most searched in food items were said to be fiber, whole grains, and plant proteins.

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