Beer Friday – the balance between at and after work-life

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Beer Friday – the balance between at and after work-life

Beer Friday – the balance between at and after work-life

Company events and employee motivation

In a world where everything is happening at full speed, it is increasingly difficult to find a work-life balance. So-called work-life balance is a key element of a healthy and productive professional and personal life. It affects employees’ well-being and morale. Organizing events by employers can be an important tool to improve this balance and increase employee motivation. Organizing events and other team-building activities by employers can increase employee loyalty to the company. Employees who feel valued and have strong bonds with their colleagues are more likely to stay with a given company for a longer period of time.

77% of employees believe that company events help build a positive atmosphere in the workplace. 

Good work-life balance management can help reduce absenteeism and employee turnover. Employees who feel satisfied with their work-life balance are less likely to look for new jobs.

87% of employees consider work-life balance a key factor in choosing a workplace, underscoring its importance for employee retention. 

Beer Friday at Foodcom S.A.

How does this relate to our benefits? At Foodcom S.A., we have a patent that regularly reminds our employees of the essence of work-life balance. Our principle is simple: “Work hard, but party even harder!”. That’s why once a month we organize a unique event that turns all standards upside down – Beer Friday! It’s a time when we move away from seriousness and all formalities. It’s a time for looseness, jokes and a little competition. And while the name suggests mostly beer, it’s really about spending time together and building relationships. These are not casual gatherings, they are our tradition.

65% of employees who have attended regular company events feel more engaged at work, which has a positive impact on productivity and morale.

At our Beer Fridays, each evening has a unique theme. We’ve already hosted board masters, organized FIFA tournaments, and competed by playing darts and foosball. This is a day when you can easily find company to play Jenga and UNO, try your hand at playstation or feel the adrenaline rush by choosing poker. The possibilities are always many. Our Beer Fridays are not only an opportunity to compete, but more importantly to build relationships, no matter what your role is in our company.

86% of employees believe that participating in company events helps build better relationships within the team.

And as for the beer itself, we have a huge selection here. Whether you’re a craft beer lover or prefer something more exotic, we’ve got it! Classic beers, as well as those flavored, non-alcoholic, in bottles or kegs. Not a fan of beer? You’ll find both yerba mate and Japanese whiskey here. And let’s not forget the snacks, salty, sweet – you certainly don’t have to worry about hunger. The smell of popcorn wafting throughout the company as early as noon puts us in the weekend mood.

75% of employees report that attending company events has a positive impact on communication in the workplace, which promotes better understanding and cooperation between different departments. 


In summary, the results of the study confirm that work-life balance has a significant impact on employee health, motivation and loyalty. Organizing company events and other activities to improve this balance can benefit both employees and employers, including increasing productivity, reducing turnover costs and creating a friendlier workplace atmosphere. At Foodcom S.A., we know that our employees are the real power. That’s why we’ve continued our Friday tradition for years – after all, it’s our time to relax, to bond and to celebrate together.

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