Summary of the week 22 (dairy)

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Summary of the week 22 (dairy)
This is our summary of the week 22 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP stable. Prices on the spot around 2.60 – 2.63 EUR/kg EXW. Manufacturers, as before, are in a very comfortable situation. A lot of producers have withdrawn from offering WPC until the end of the year. They are waiting for the price to rise further.


Hard-type cheese prices quite stable around 3.05 EUR/kg EXW. We have heard from Polish producers that they feel an increased demand from HORECA. Cagliata’s prices are still high and clients are not eager to accept it. Someone will have to give in at some point.


The price of butter in PL from fresh cream quite stable at 4 EUR/kg EXW. German butter is offered above 4.05-4.10 EUR/kg EXW DE.  A lot of people are already inquiring for Q4-2021 and Q1-2022.


There was a slight correction in liquids last week. The raw milk intake is rising. We can clearly see that the availability is greater than before. Raw milk prices are stable. The price of cream was revised. One could easily find additional quantities of SMC that were cheaper. There was an influx of SWC on the market. The only one that was hard to find was the buttermilk. It was connected with decreased production of butter.
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