Summary of the week 18 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 18 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



In general, powders strengthened last week. SMP stable around 2.55 EUR/kg EXW DE/FR/PL. It seems that many end users should return to the market and make purchases before summer. We can already see more commotion. FCMP is being actively sought after. The Ramadan is ending soon and this will also contribute to the increased demand. A lot of interest in whey and milk concentrates – also from feed producers. Whey in a slight price reverse – below EUR 970/MT EXW PL. WPC is getting stronger week by week.


Little interest in Dutch type cheeses in Europe. Customers are looking for prices around 2.85 EUR/kg. Cagliata is quite stable. We noticed increased interest in Cheddar and cheese for Horeca.


Butter rebuilt its price. Western product can be bought at around 3.97 – 4.05 EUR/kg. There are more inquires for butter cubes. Just a week ago you could buy Polish butter around 3.80 EUR/kg – Today it is impossible. Production from fresh cream gives us product at the price level of 3.90 EUR/kg EXW. The increased number of requests caused the price of cream to go up. AMF remains above 5 EUR/kg. The spirits are high as the lockdowns are loosening.


Cream rebuilt across Europe. Despite better availability raw and skimmed milk is rebounding. On the other hand SMC slightly decreased and so did whey concentrate.
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Aspetti tecnici

L’aspartame è un dipeptide ottenuto per condensazione formale del gruppo alfa-carbossilico dell’acido L-aspartico con il gruppo amminico del metile L-fenilalaninato. Si presenta sotto forma di polvere cristallina bianca o quasi bianca.


L’aspartame è spesso utilizzato come dolcificante, con codice E951. Aggiunto agli alimenti, compensa la mancanza di zuccheri o grassi. Pertanto, è un prodotto utilizzato principalmente dai diabetici. L’elenco dei prodotti che contengono questo dolcificante comprende alcuni yogurt, bibite zuccherate, acque minerali aromatizzate, bevande isotoniche e altro ancora. Viene utilizzato in alcuni farmaci, compresi quelli generalmente disponibili, ad esempio in compresse effervescenti o pastiglie senza zuccheri aggiunti.

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