Summary of the week 28 (dairy)

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Summary of the week 28 (dairy)
This is our summary of the week 28 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



The SMP price slowed down and fluctuates slightly below 2.50 EUR/kg EXW EU. Most buyers spend their time at their holidays now – but we think that after that they will have to buy some more. Whey powders price is weakening – except for WPC80, which makes this product a pot of gold in dairy industry. Fewer inquires for European whey from Asia negatively impacts the price. As for now, there is no change on the horizon. 


Low consumption affects Gouda’s prices, although they are relatively stable around 2.93 – 2.95 EUR/kg EXW DE/NL. Mozzarella – again – in price retreat. Last week, one could get offers below 2.80 EUR/kg EXW. There are some inquires for Cagliata, but not as much as in previous weeks.


Sweet butter is offered by traders at the level of 3.70 – 3.75 EUR/kg EXW EU. However, producers are not considering selling butter below 3.75 EUR/kg EXW PL with prompt loading. This proves that many believe in the price rebound in the coming weeks. 


The cream was offered at the level of 4.50 EUR/kg EXW PL, and there were not many people interested in new, additional quantities. In Germany and the Netherlands, prices were even lower here and there. As an interesting fact, we can say that for the first time in a while, cream in the UK was more expensive than on the continent. Despite the decreasing milk collection, prices of raw milk are declining.
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