Our mission

We believe that everyone can grow in what they do best. That is why, unlike many other trading companies, our representatives are only responsible for sales, and not for documentation or logistics solutions. These tasks fall on the shoulders of our finance, sales support or logistics departments. We strive to ensure that everyone in our company has a clearly defined career path tailored to their skills and potential.

Our team consists of ambitious, goal-oriented people who are not afraid of challenges. Foodcom is a place where diligence and collaboration play an important role. Only with this approach can we innovate and grow together! We value integrity, which allows us to build trust within the company.

Our philosophy

Orcas – these apex predators are sometimes referred to as “wolves of the sea.” Like wolves, Orcinus orca are known to hunt in packs and band together to overpower larger prey.

The ocean is a bit like a commodity market for them. A constant battle for the best resources.

Only the players who figured how to work as a team can hold their own. Orcas behave like a perfect chasing and capturing machine. They are unstoppable. Just like us.

That’s how we work at Foodcom – as a team, effectively and tactically. Although we form an international team, we have developed our own way of communicating.

How does Foodcom work?

FAQ Conducting Business

Why does it work?

Ambition and agility

No fear of uncharted waters.

We are curious about the world, not afraid to ask questions and seek their answers. We adapt to the prevailing market conditions. Likewise, we are agile and effective!

Extensive market knowledge and experience

Trade can be as deep as the ocean… 

With such a large team, we have a complete overview of the global market! The more of us there are, the more effective we are. Thanks to our years of experience, we can foresee upcoming trends. We are not afraid of innovations either.

…so let us guide you!

We are happy to share tips and news with our business partners, both during meetings at industry events and through our social media and newsletter. We know our basis – logistics and bureaucracy are no threat to us. You can trust us with your business.

International team

The whole world within our reach: we focus on an international working environment! We currently employ people from more than 25 countries, which allows us to work efficiently with partners in more than 126 countries around the world. Individual approach to the customer is the domain of our sales staff, who take care of business relations and constant contact. This allows us to respond immediately to all questions and offers. We can create connections that remain unattainable for our competitors.

Foodcom S.A. is not only a team of talented and qualified traders, but also has an experienced financial department and a reliable logistics department. This enables us to comprehensively implement even the most demanding transactions. The entire process runs smoothly and according to plan.

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