What is Vital Wheat Gluten? Properties and Uses

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What is Vital Wheat Gluten? Properties and Uses
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  • Vital Wheat Gluten is a vital protein extracted from wheat flour.
  • It is characterized by elasticity, binds water and improves texture.
  • Vital Wheat Gluten is used in the food and feed industry.
  • In the food industry it is used as an ingredient in cakes, as a soup thickener, in pasta production and as a meat substitute in vegetarian cuisine.

Vital Wheat Gluten – what is it?

Vital Wheat Gluten is a vital protein, an extract from wheat flour. It is obtained through a wheat extraction process – the dense wheat flour is hydrated, activating the gluten, and then the mass is hydrated to remove the starch and extract only the gluten. The gluten is then dried and milled. Dried Vital Wheat Gluten is in the form of a beige powder with a dough-like taste.

Vital Wheat Gluten consists of gliadins, which are responsible for viscosity, and glutenins, which give elasticity to products. It is a naturally occurring protein in products.

The peak of interest in Vital Wheat Gluten occurred in the 1950s. At that time, larger bakeries were developing that required large quantities of flour, the quality of which did not depend on the change of wheat plants. Vital Wheat Gluten, along with potassium bromate, was used extensively by bakers. Read on to learn more about Vital Wheat Gluten and its uses!

Vital Wheat Gluten – properties

Vital Wheat Gluten is characterized by elasticity, has texture improving properties and allows gas to be stored. This gives you more air bubbles, that is, more volume and lighter texture of the products.

In addition, Vital Wheat Gluten binds water, so when added to flour, it increases water absorption by several percent, which in turn increases dough yields.

In addition, Vital Wheat Gluten has binding properties, which means that it enables the composition of products, the integration of their forms and the strength of frozen products. Products containing Vital Wheat Gluten have better firmness, softness and shelf life.

Vital Wheat Gluten - applications

Vital Wheat Gluten – applications

Vital Wheat Gluten is used in many industries, but most commonly in the milling, flour and baking industries.

Due to its properties, Vital Wheat Gluten is added to many cakes, especially those based on whole wheat or rye flour or cakes with many additives (nuts or fruits). This product promotes the rising of the cake, making it softer and more durable. It is also used to optimize flour blends and cake mixes, as well as to thicken soups or sauces. In addition, Vital Wheat Gluten is used in the production of pasta – it reduces its brittleness and stickiness and also increases heat tolerance. The addition of this protein in pasta improves the quality of cooking, and the product retains good strength.

A very important use of Vital Wheat Gluten is its addition in vegetarian dishes. Since it is the main vegetable protein source, it is used as a meat substitute.

It is also worth noting that Vital Wheat Gluten is an ingredient in animal feeds and livestock feeds due to its binding and structuring properties. Products containing this protein are perfectly digestible and palatable, and also improve the physical presentation of the feed by giving it color.

Vital Wheat Gluten an important ingredient in meat substitutes

Vital Wheat Gluten is important for vegetarian and vegan diets. Not only does it serve as a binder and hold the shape of mushroom- or chickpea-based burgers, but it is also the main ingredient in a meat substitute called seitan or ‘wheat meat’.

Vital Wheat Gluten is an excellent source of plant protein and can provide high nutritional value and partially replace animal protein in the diet.

Vital Wheat Gluten – everything you need to know

Vital Wheat Gluten is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the growing interest in vegetarian and vegan diets. It is used in the food industry to make healthy meat substitute products.

Of course, Vital Wheat Gluten is also used in the milling and baking industries, as the addition of this protein makes baking many products much easier and more efficient. In addition, Vital Wheat Gluten can be found among the ingredients for animal feed and pet food.

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