Explore Foodcom Company and see that is worth to cooperate with us. From the beginning of our activity we were intermediary in transactions for over 200 000 000 Euro. Thus we have an experienced team, which efficiently execute every order.

Trust built on Innovation

Foodcom is the first trading company in the world which decided to publish the prices, of the dairy products, at which it trades and brokers.


Our Start

Foodcom was created in 2013. The founder and current CEO is Aleksander Paciorkiewicz. In a relatively short time He managed to gain many loyal clients as well as build a very strong team, all the while implementing his innovative plan. In this short time our traders were able to export over 30,000,000 kg of the best Polish dairy products as well as import 10,000,000 kg to Poland.


A New Opportunity for Sellers and Buyers

The dairy market in Poland is specific because of the way it is dispersed, there are a couple of huge producers and many small local companies. Thanks to an innovative approach and solid cooperation with the largest brands in Europe we were able to create a company which has earned a reputation of being a trusted partner as well as a matchmaker of local business and international markets.


A Comprehensive Approach

You can easily get all the information about buying, selling and transport of products. Do not hesitate to call us. A dedicated trader will deal with every issue of your inquiry.


A Whole World of Trade

By employing a team of specialists, where each one is very well acquainted with their particular region, we have managed to establish trade relations with companies from over 40 countries. Because of our diligent process of selecting our suppliers, products purchased through us are of the highest quality.


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